Phyllida Barlow

I was unfamiliar with Phyllida Barlow’s work until she had an exhibition in the Hauser and Wirth building next door to St. James’s Piccadilly.   It was a great and glorious, adventurous mess.   Not long after (in 2011) she was elected an RA.   Now her work is everywhere, in the Duveen Gallery in Tate Britain, about to be in the new Hauser and Wirth gallery outside Bruton in Somerset, in Venice and Pittsburgh and West Palm Beach.   I like and admire her new exhibition of drawings at Hauser and Wirth in Savile Row, which shows the intellectual discipline which underlay her early drawings, before she developed her later, doodling freedom.


One thought on “Phyllida Barlow

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    spero che u don’t realy mean it about the Duveen rubbish heap… J. Russell Pope wd be spinnin in is proverbial methinx… 

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