New Annals of the Club

For anyone seeking an extremely esoteric Christmas present, I have contributed a long (possibly too long) essay on the eighteenth-century history of Samuel Johnson’s Literary Club (aka The Turk’s Head Club) to a volume of essays which is being privately published on December 10th. under the title New Annals of the Club (there was a predecessor volume published in 1914 called Annals of the Club).   The other authors are David Cannadine and Peter Hennessy.   It’s available only from Sotheran’s bookshop in Sackville Street and can be pre-ordered through   Price is £100.


3 thoughts on “New Annals of the Club

  1. How interesting! I have inherited a lithograph of The Literary Party and I thought that this book would be a wonderful companion to that piece, especially as I note that it will be published on my father’s birthday!
    Athene Tarrant

    • You may have a print after the illustration by James Doyle of them all sitting round a table listening to Samuel Johnson and waited on the Francis Barber, Johnson’s servant. Although I say it myself, I’m really pleased how the book has turned out: nice blue cloth, handsome typography, and with many illustrations mostly from the NPG. Not cheap, I’m afraid, because there are not many copies.

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