Jeremy Corbyn

We had lunch yesterday with Mark Fisher, the former MP for Stoke-on-Trent.   He spoke with extraordinary vehemence and conviction about the need for the Labour Party to elect Jeremy Corbyn as its leader:  the benefits of a revival in mass membership;  the fact that Corbyn’s views are less radical than represented by the press;  the benefits of replacing the smooth-faced opportunism of Westminster apparatchiks with someone who has a set of defined and deeply felt political views.   This is from someone who comes from the heartland of the Labour Party, was elected to Westminster on the same day, and who, although he comes from a different spectrum of the party, respects Corbyn and his views.   We tend to read in the press about those who oppose Corbyn, not those who support him.


5 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn

  1. A timely piece giving air to a man whose views should at least be heard. I met him in Edinburgh in 1997 and thought it a great shame his tenure as Minister for the Arts was so short.

  2. Jane Wainwright says:

    Mark Fisher’s comments make a welcome change from all the newspaper reports of the opinions of other politicians.

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