Chatsworth (7)

In trying to find out who was responsible for the statuary in the gardens of Chatsworth, I have realised that one of the key people in the decorative carving on the house was Henri Nadauld, a Huguenot stone carver who I first came across in the accounts at Castle Howard as Mr. Nedos.   At Castle Howard he was responsible for the statues on the pediment and work in Ray Wood.   At Chatsworth, he was paid for the carving of Cleopatra (£22), Antonius (another £22), Mars (£36) and the Muses.   In 1702, he was paid £114 10s for ‘Ornaments in frieze and around windows over entrance, cyphers and coronets on 4 keystones in middle windows’, so he was presumably responsible for the magnificent ornamental detailing on the West Front:-


I had thought that he might also have been responsible for the wonderful baroque urns near Thomas Archer’s North Front, but gather from Kevin Rogers that they are to a design by William Kent and come from Chiswick:-





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