I’m not that keen on Piccadilly as a street, which never seems to have the monumental coherence of Regent Street, nor the opulence of the shops in Bond Street.   Maybe it’s a memory of it being yellow on the Monopoly Board, a bad square to land on, next to Jail.   But tonight, walking across Piccadilly Circus, with the sun going down beyond the carriage lamps, it had vestiges of its Edwardian stateliness, looking past the old Swan and Edgar building, designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield in 1910, hit by a Zeppelin in 1917 and then rebuilt, down past the columns of Norman Shaw’s Piccadilly Hotel, his last work, towards the RA somewhere in the distance:-



2 thoughts on “Piccadilly

  1. Jane says:

    I like the other new portraits of you, but not this one. Not only does it age you, but it is not how I imagine you, frowning at your mobile.

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