Maggs Bros.

I went last night to what I thought was the grand re-opening (it was the grandest invitation) of Maggs Bros in its new premises on Curzon Street opposite Trumpers, the royal barbers.   But it turns out that it has been open since Christmas.   I scarcely penetrated its magnificent former town house on the west side of Berkeley Square as it always felt too forbiddingly antiquarian even for a bookaholic like me.   But the new premises is more easily visited with the best library steps that I have seen, a yellow lacquer library table designed by Marianna Kennedy, saucy French pornography on the top shelves and an unexpectedly strong holding of twentieth-century Japanese photography.


One thought on “Maggs Bros.

  1. Susie Blundell says:

    I am with you in support of the Garden Bridge – it might be seen as a frivolous spending of money and a self indulgence of those instigating it but adding green space to a big city must be positive. My worry is how crowded it would become and when it would be better located somewhere else across the river which is not already popular with visitors. The Manhattan Highline garden is t off centre pitch and entrances take a small bit of finding. It hasn’t been too busy the number of times I have visited it so offers some repose in a busy vibrant city.

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