Brexit (1)

Nearly the last of the events we attended at the Derbyshire Literary Festival was a discussion between Caroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton, and Natascha Engel, Labour MP for North East Derbyshire.   It was meant to be about the role of women in Westminster, about which they might have agreed, but turned into an unexpectedly fierce debate about the Referendum.   Caroline Lucas, fresh from campaigning in Burton-on-Trent, was passionate and articulate about the virtues of immigration, the need to maintain open borders, and the historical importance of European collaboration.   Natascha Engel, who admitted to herself being a first generation immigrant, has already voted Leave, it appeared only as a gesture of solidarity with her elderly, ex-mining constituents, who blame the hardship of their lives irrationally on immigration.   She made the mistake of making a hostile comment about Poles.


5 thoughts on “Brexit (1)

  1. GOD!!!!! If I hear one more WORD just proving again that this is ALL ABOUT inner party strife inside Britain – !!! I cannot believe “rational” people have any need to discuss this but it is beyond enraging to endure. It’s the 21st century!!!

  2. I agree, I am deeply shocked not only by the lies that are being told by the brexit bunch, but also everyone is so busy looking at their own little corner that they are not thinking for one second about the knock on damage to the rest of the EU if we leave. Not to mention forgetting why the EU was formed in the first place!

  3. Christopher Nevile says:

    Another element in the Amnesia is how close the EU still is to collapsing despite the sticking plaster bail-outs that are currently holding Greece and Italy and Spain together.
    A friend of mine described it thus: You may desperately want to Divorce your wife, having not got on for years, but when you discover she is suffering from a potentially terminal illness do you still go through with it ? There are clearly more pressing problems in the World than our NIMBY moans about Migration (which we need) and Red Tape which we could and should unravel though our own Administrative processes. I’m for Remain.

  4. Of course, REMAIN is the sane, intelligent and rational option, and Caroline Lucas is an outstandingly able MP. If only there were many more people of her ability !

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