Thomas Goode & Co.

My last post from London for a few weeks is of details from the façade of Thomas Goode & Co., which I passed en route to lunch at Le Gavroche.   I stopped to admire the ornament of its façade which, like so much of Victorian ornament, is not much described by Pevsner.   The architect of the building was Ernest George who was commissioned by the Duke of Westminster to design a building in the Queen Anne style ‘of red brick and terra cotta’, based on a building in Kensington (most likely 1, Palace Gate) which George was instructed to inspect.   The brickwork decoration was by Harry Hems who ran a large sculpture workshop in Exeter called ‘The Ecclesiastical Art Works’.   Who did the beautiful ironwork ?  I rely on one of my readers to tell me:-


One thought on “Thomas Goode & Co.

  1. Your London blogs will be much missed, though I hope, as before, we will get Anglesey blogs ?

    Your comment about Pevsner and Thomas Goode’s is interesting as, although you are too kind to say so, and although Pevsner is sans-pareil, there are so many things that he missed / didn’t value / got wrong, as I discovered when I wrote my Museums book. Which is why the book edition of your Blog will be so valuable.

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