Southwold Museum

We went off to see the Southwold Museum, opposite the parish church, which holds a wealth of stuffed birds, information about local history, two Viking rudders, a fifteenth-century carved angel, fossils, pots, a Victorian doll’s house and garments from the dress collection:  a classic small town museum, displayed with love, knowledge and antiquarian flair:-


4 thoughts on “Southwold Museum

  1. It’s a real joy of a museum, isn’t it ? Do they still put local wild flowers in jam jars on the window ledges ? How about the photographs, as creased as tarpaulin, of former Southwold fishermen, with wonderful names – the Upcrafts (Wally, Forty and Worky, Mopp Smith, Little Fie Smith and Winna Smith who believed that “you will never drown in a bowler hat ” ?

  2. Martin Hopkinson says:

    Next time you should cross the river and photograph Blackshore on the Blyth, favoured by C R Mackintosh , and see Walberswick of Wilson Steer, Sydney Starr and Whistler and Fantin – Latour’s friend, the painter and etcher Edwin Edwards, thank to his wife so many beautiful flower paintings by Fantin can be found in British museums.

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