Unilever House

I have now been sent an image of a watercolour of the new Unilever House, as done by James Lomax Simpson, its original architect and (unusually for an architect) a Board member of Lever Brothers.   It’s dated 1929.  Note the Lux wagon parked outside:-

Lever House Lomax and Pilkington Watercolour architect's drawing 1929 2004-137 72dpi.JPG

With kind permission from Unilever Plc, from an original held in Unilever Archives


One thought on “Unilever House

  1. Martin Hopkinson says:

    It is good to see attention being paid to Lomax Simpson – too little attention has been paid to his work outside the North West, so effectively championed by Michael Shippobottom and Edward Hubbard. The curve of the Unilever frontage so how good he was appreciating relationship between buildings and the spaces in between

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