Granada (1)

The Michelin Guide said ‘driving is not recommended in Granada’.   They were right.   We went round and round looking for somewhere to park.   Every car park was full.

However, we did manage to visit La Cartuja, the Carthusian monastery to the north east of the city (thank you for the recommendation) with its astonishing, over-the-top Sacristy:-

The Sancta Sanctorum was not bad either:-

En route to the Cathedral, we passed, first, the church of San Juan de Dios:-

And, second, Santos Justos y Pastor:-

The Cathedral itself is complex.   I wasn’t that keen on the grandly cavernous interior, but liked some of the carving on the outside:-

On the way back to the car, we got a good view of the dome of the Santos Justos y Pastor:-

And bits and pieces along the route:-


3 thoughts on “Granada (1)

  1. Jocelyn says:

    “Over the top sacristy” is putting it mildly, but you have to appreciate the perseverance of the workmanship. Thanks for sharing your trip on your blog and enjoy your holiday.

    All the best,

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