The renovation of Bond Street

I’ve just been to a rather touching little ceremony in celebration of the beginning of a project to renovate Bond Street.   As was pointed out in the speeches, given the amount the grand shops spend on display inside their doors and considering how important Bond Street is to the international shopping economy, it is odd how poor the public realm has been – a three-lane racing track at its north end and the street divided half way down by a flower stall.   When I first got involved in local affairs (I have been a member of the Bond Street Strategy Group), it never crossed my mind that anything could, or would, be done to rectify this state of affairs.   But by an impressive, but inscrutable, combination of the public and private, the pavement and the street are being improved to coincide, more or less, with the opening of our building in Burlington Gardens and Crossrail.


4 thoughts on “The renovation of Bond Street

  1. Tom Ponsonby says:

    Sounds good, in a way. For cyclists Bond St. Is rather friendly & the Churchill-Roosevelt bench by the flowers discourages motor traffic. However I think that the make-over of Burlington Arcade is a disaster. When I was young I bought tobacco & Egyptian cigarettes, Balkan Sobranies, oval cigarettes at Sullivan & Powell at the north end. Plus Irish linen handkerchiefs & pillow cases etc. Shoes further down. Pipes (tobacco not plumbing) and nothing of that remains. And there do not seem to be many customers for the new “chic” “international” shops.

    • Dear Tom, Yes, Burlington Arcade has indeed changed out of all recognition. And yes, we used to smoke those Egyptian cigarettes as well: Rameses II with beautiful neo-Egyptian packaging. There was a pen repair shop as well. Only Richard Ogden survives of the old tenants. Charles

  2. Denise Wilson says:

    I do hope the flower stall and Churchill-Roosevelt bench survive. They add a touch of reality and amusement befitting of the grand and splendid buildings that rise all around – and detract nicely from the overly-glamourised shop front vista.

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