Matisse in the Studio (1)

Last night was my first chance to see Matisse in the Studio, a very choice and thoughtful exhibition which was organised jointly by the RA with the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, with many loans from the Musée Matisse in Nice of objects he had in his house, and painted – an eclectic collection of vases, two chocolate pots, a green glass vase he bought in Seville, an uncharacteristically ornate rococo chair (he calls it baroque) and wine bottles by which he surrounded himself and transmuted (or was inspired by) in his paintings.   He loved objects, lived with them, and learned the particularities of their form and character.   He bought African masks in junk shops, visited an exhibition of Islamic art in Munich in 1910, looked at Chinese art in the V&A in 1919, and was photographed by Cartier-Bresson with Kuba cloths stuck on the wall behind his bedside wireless.


5 thoughts on “Matisse in the Studio (1)

  1. Leslie says:

    I think the chair is baroque….. very symmetrical… My understanding is that rococo would be asymmetrical…. different arms or legs, etc. Do I need to go back to school and retake my art history classes???

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