We had lunch in a part of north Oxfordshire I scarcely know, south of Chipping Norton, west of the Tews (yes, I know it’s Cameron country) and were given Adlestrop cheese, named after a village which is itself emblematic of this part of the world, although just over the border into Gloucestershire:  forgotten and pastoral (‘Yes, I remember Adlestrop’):


5 thoughts on “Adlestrop

  1. Marion Davies says:

    And very interesting for its connections along with Stoneleigh Abbey for Jane Austen and her family. There’s a very informative book by Victoria Huxley ‘Jane Austen and Adlestrop her other family’ for anyone wanting to find out more about Jane Austen’s family in that area.

  2. Your photographs, as always, do justice to beautiful landscape, and to the memory of that fine poet, Edward Thomas.

    Great Tew was the parish, twice, of Robin Denniston, of Hodder and Stoughton and, latterly, the Oxford University Press, and its Dictionary, and the home of his very beautiful wife, Rosa Beddington, the oncologist, who died tragically young.

  3. Toshio Kusamitsu says:

    Apart from Edward Thomas my memory of the station was the time when I visited Thomas and Dorothy Hodgkin in Ilmington. I dropped off the train at Shipston-on-Stour. I understand that sadly their lovely house, the Crab Mill, was sold. Lovely summer it was.

    • Dear Toshio, Adlestrop would have been the station before Moreton-in-Marsh on the Oxford to Hereford line (Shipston-on-Stour hasn’t had a passenger line since 1929) and the station itself was apparently rather brutally burnt down on the instructions of British Rail not long after it was closed in 1966, so you either have a very good memory or the station lasted rather longer than the record suggests or, as Edward Thomas himself did, you have poetically imagined it ! Now, the only record is a sign on the bus stop. Charles

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