The Study

Since today is the first day that I have actually been able to work in my study for at least ten years, the books being more or less cleared from the floor, I am posting a picture of it, as requested, together with a picture of a head which I bought in an old antique shop on the street which leads up from the bridge through the Malá Strana towards Prague Castle:-


3 thoughts on “The Study

    • It’s a portrait of my great-grandmother, Amy Hanbury (née Leslie) (1853-1925), and her eldest child, my grandmother, Muriel, painted by George Elgar Hicks RA, a sweet painting, but very unfashionable. Charles

  1. Kate Woodhead says:

    Thank you Charles for the photograph of the study. I love the frame of the painting but not too keen on the pious expression on the angel’s (?) head – though maybe she is giving you benediction?

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