Museo del Castelvecchio

I stopped off in Verona to visit the Museo del Castelvecchio because it has such a central place in the history of postwar museum design, comprehensively renovated by Carlo Scarpa between 1959 and 1973 in a style which is deliberately abstract and ahistorical, with medieval sculptures displayed without surrounding context against plaster walls:-



S. Marta (early fourteenth century):-


The Virgin Mary Swooning, also from San Fermo, an anonymous but amazing artist described as the Master of Sant’ Anastasia:-


S. Martino and the Beggar by the Master of 1436:-


This is the vocabulary of concrete mixed with medievalism, which was very characteristic of 1950s Italy:-

Upstairs, the paintings are exhibited attached to metal rods suspended from floor to ceiling, a style which presumably influenced Lina Bo Bardi in São Paulo:-


There’s an exceptionally beautiful Carlo Crivelli of the Madonna of the Passion:-





2 thoughts on “Museo del Castelvecchio

  1. Barbara Bryant says:

    HI Charles
    Just caught up with this and was semi astonished to see you were in Verona on my birthday, just when we were in Verona too! Opera at the Arena. Also spent a lot of time in the Castelvecchio Museum which so impressed us all (especially Max). Best wishes

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