St. Augustine’s, Hammersmith

I had read about the refurbishment of St. Augustine’s, Hammersmith in connection with Open House and arranged to visit this afternoon. It is an Edwardian church, opened in 1903 for a large and diverse inner city Catholic congregation. The priest-in charge, Father Gianni Notarianni, who trained as a painter in Brighton before becoming a priest, wanted to change its atmosphere and commissioned Roz Barr, who had worked for Eric Parry on St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields, to draw up plans for it.

They stripped the dark varnish from the ceiling to reveal the original pale wood:-

They commissioned Julian Stair to design a new and monumental altar of twelve layers of Venetian plaster:-

They got John Morgan, the typographer, to design the new lettering for the quotation from St. Augustine behind the tabernacle:-

Roz Barr herself designed the iron halo that hangs above the altar.

The result is a very successful purification of the environment for church ritual:-


One thought on “St. Augustine’s, Hammersmith

  1. Anthony Eyre says:

    Beautiful. It’s the church my brother William sister Alexandra and myself used to go to as children. Always very crowded and distinctly Irish. They built an extension beyond the high altar to accommodate the expanding congregation. It had all the charm of a Soviet era conference centre.

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