Watercolour World (1)

We had the press launch this morning of a new digital website http://www.watercolourworld.org, which, as its name implies, makes freely available the watercolours, which have hitherto been difficult to locate in private and public libraries throughout the world. Of course, the collections of the V&A, the national collection of watercolours, are available online. But who would have known that Winchester College owns a watercolour showing the construction of the London to Brighton railway ? It will open up an unfathomable wealth of images of the late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century world.


4 thoughts on “Watercolour World (1)

  1. Leslie Hills says:

    Dear Charles, I am getting a Buy Domains message when I click through on watercolourworld.com. The same occurs when I type it in.

  2. Leslie Hills says:

    Ah. I have had a wee trawl and I think the problem is that the website is watercolourworld.org. It looks fascinating.

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