Amber Rudd

Whether by accident or design (it looks like design), Amber Rudd has chosen to resign, not just from the cabinet, but from the Conservative party as a whole, with maximum brutality. Whereas Jo Johnson, Boris’s younger brother, chose to go quietly and with dignity (we should not forget that it was Jo who got the first class degree), Rudd has chosen to plunge the knife in by co-opting the Sunday Times. Presumably she, like so many One Nation tories, was persuaded to join the cabinet by the hope and promise of a deal, a promise which we have now all discovered was, as Cummings so delicately describes it, ‘a sham’. She was led down the garden path by continued promises and expectations of a better deal, now in ruins. No wonder she and her ilk are angry. Let’s hope that she will persuade more to join her.


3 thoughts on “Amber Rudd

  1. edward chaney says:

    Cari Carlo e Marco
    I’m not sure to whom ‘good riddance’ applies? Presumably wishful anticipation on Mark’s part though interestingly it was Mrs Jo Johnson, aka Amelia Gentleman, who played the lead role in effecting Amber Rudd’s previous resignation, as Home Secretary, over the Windrush affair.
    But whatever one believes about the desirability of remaining in the post-Maastricht EU, I cannot understand why (some) people don’t get the common sense aspect of the negotiating issue. Given that most European governments – and our would-be dominant chums, Germany and France in particular – still want us to remain in the EU (albeit largely for economic reasons), our main bargaining chip is the threat of a no-deal Brexit. The Eurocrats’ fond belief (de facto the German Chancellor’s) that they would win our 2016 referendum without offering Cameron concessions failed thanks to 1,269,501 more UK citizens ticking the box clearly marked ‘Leave the European Union’ than ticked the remain one. Whatever it is claimed clever Cummings says, no-one in the present government actually wants a no deal but in order to get a better deal than Theresa May was obliged to accept, largely due to not threatening a no-deal (a deal which was in any case rejected by the remainian-majority House of Commons), it is surely obvious that the Eurocrats have to believe we would indeed ‘crash out’ if they didn’t offer us an improved one. Instead, every new report of a government desertion, opposition (or ex-PM) plot or ‘legal challenge’ doubtless delights our European masters and mistresses who as a result believe they will not have to renegotiate (which explains why Boris appears not to be doing so either). At the moment they are effectively combining forces with those who are preventing us from having an election (only legally possible thanx to a piece of legislation master-minded by the Lib Dems in coalition with o so silly Sir Oliver Leftwing). If they were to succeed that would surely be a more scandalous ‘scam’ than anything Boris and Cummings have yet cooked up?

    PS: Jo Johnson may indeed have a better degree than his big brother but Churchill never got one at all (and at this rate we’ll be needing his like again…).

    • Dear Edward, Yes, you state with clarity what I assume the One Nation Tories believed: that Johnson would use the threat of no deal to get a better deal. But you can’t get a better deal unless you are willing to negotiate and have some clue as to what a better deal might be. Charles

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