Cunningham (2)

I have been thinking more about the film about the life of Merce Cunningham. One is the extent of his self-belief. He didn’t mind if audiences didn’t like or appreciate what he was doing or how he was dancing, which they didn’t. He just carried on, criss-crossing America in a Volkswagen bus with his troupe for the pure pleasure of the performance until, in London, he first received international recognition. The second is the extent to which his generation of artists – he was an artist in dance – came not from the east coast, but from the mid-west and west coast. He was born in Washington State and was educated in Seattle. They were self-consciously free of, and opposed to, received tradition. The film brilliantly encourages an understanding of him and his achievement in an utterly unconventional way, not by interpreting him, but by just showing who he was and the way he danced.


5 thoughts on “Cunningham (2)

  1. marinavaizey says:

    Rothko! Russia/:Portland Oregon; Jackson Pollock etc and etc marvellous not everyone a New Yorker, even if that final siren call has to be heeded and how crucial self belief of some kind is.

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