DixonJones (1)

I have spent the afternoon looking at, and admiring, the first available copy of the second volume of the work of Jeremy Dixon and Edward Jones, which has been a long time in gestation, but is at long last close to fruition (to be published in January and something to look forward to). I was asked to write an Introduction about the experience of working with them and trying to place them in a broader context, not an easy task, because their work is so deliberately various, stretching from early housing projects in Milton Keynes through to the recent, prize-winning Marlborough Primary School, just behind the Conran Shop in South Kensington, and work in Edinburgh, which I haven’t seen. My piece is titled ‘City Sensibilities’ – their title, not mine – but it does summarise the virtues of their deliberately low-key, urbanistic approach to the task of design.


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