Ted Cullinan (1)

I was very sad to hear of Ted Cullinan’s death, not just because I admired his approach to architecture – so thoughtful about its materiality – but because, when I was at the RA, he was one of the nicest, most supportive and most generous spirited of the older generation RAs. I never realised that he had been raised a catholic, nor that his grandfather had owned a house designed by Inigo Triggs. He was, in some ways, a latterday arts-and-crafts architect, interested in how buildings are made, in spite of his modernist training. My favourite of his projects is the amazing, large-scale Faculty of Mathematics at Cambridge, which should have won the Building of the Year award when I was a judge, except we were told it wasn’t quite complete. He did the Divinity School too, which holds its own against Stirling. A 100% nice man.


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