The identity of Thames & Hudson

Harry Pearce has pointed out to me that not only is he busy designing the page layout of my book, but that he has been a tiny bit distracted by the launch of the new Thames & Hudson visual identity, which he has done with characteristic precision and discretion, just tightening it up, but retaining a strong sense of its history. It has the same characteristic as the work he did for the RA, being so thoughtful, so obviously correct, that the untutored eye might not notice it, which is surely the ultimate compliment.


6 thoughts on “The identity of Thames & Hudson

  1. Edward Jones says:

    Dear Charles
    I thought Mark Fisher died in 2017 or is this someone else ?
    Best Edward

    Edward Jones | Dixon Jones

  2. Leslie Hills says:

    In a rather undistinguished roster over the years, he stands out as someone who actually likes and knows something about the arts.

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