We had arranged to see Romilly’s exhibition at Make Hauser and Wirth Somerset in Bruton, a great treat as well as definitely work for her, before we are once more immured as a result of Tier 3.

I should know the difference between seeing work on the dining room table and seeing it in a proper gallery setting, beautifully displayed, with quotations from Edmund de Waal and Marina Warner, which I meant to photograph, but didn’t.

Installation is all:-

I particularly like the red dot !


2 thoughts on “Gathering

  1. Piers Bedford says:

    These are very fine and Romilly is to be congratulated.
    I have 2 thoughts to share.
    I have recently been, literally, “selling off the family silver”..various sets of immaculate mainly Scottish engraved 18th century silver forks and spoons. Naively I had never thought why there were no knives, so enquired. The knives were never or rarely made of silver so sadly did not survive intact. Only a few handles remain.
    I am also interested in Charles mention of the lovely Red Dot.
    Before seeing the dot i felt these works were making a bold statement..Having now seen the dot, I see it as a literary full stop to that statement.
    Mind you, i am still working on exactly what the statement is..!
    Seasons greetings to you all and may 2021 bring us closer to Works of Art.

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