Spain and the Hispanic World

We went to the Hispanic exhibition at the R – a great experience. I have been to the Hispanic Society several times over the years – the first time making the mistake of changing subways lines in Haarlem – but have never properly registered how rich and systematic the collection is, including wonderful ceramics.

My reference photographs are a bit idiosyncratic, more for Romilly than me:-

Andrea de Mena, Mater Dolorosa:-

Andrea de Mena, Ecce Homo:-

Eagle Pendant (c.1600):-

Pendant with the Virgin of Trapani in in Niche:-

A Black Book of Hours:-


2 thoughts on “Spain and the Hispanic World

  1. Pam Roberts says:

    I was eagerly anticipating seeing this, hoping for Velasquez & Goya rather than a lot of religious art on which I am very un-keen, apart from El Greco, who I was enthralled by as a young schoolgirl. But it has had fairly lukewarm reviews so far.

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