The Coronation (3)

My impressions being there are probably no different from those who saw it on television: particularly the full glory of the English musical tradition, beginning with John Eliot Gardiner conducting the Monteverdi Choir, and including a great number of pieces composed for the occasion. Purcell, of course, and Handel; Vaughan Williams; ending, slightly oddly, with a fanfare by Richard Strauss. I thought Rishi Sunak read particularly well. It was a mixture of ecumenism and the Anglican post-Reformation tradition at full throttle. A pretty impressive piece of organisation by, I presume, a mixture of the Lord Chamberlain and DCMS. Faultless, apart from the cold.


2 thoughts on “The Coronation (3)

  1. Richard Bram says:

    For me, the only real musical flaw was that bit of banal drivel from Lloyd Webber. Other than that, I found myself surprisingly moved at many moments.

  2. janicesacher says:

    Having just watched the excerpts later and regarding your comments on music – I did not see the lady in yellow singing during the TV live broadcast, nor the harpist. So I could not understand all the wonderful comments regarding the music – now it makes more sense

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