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  1. Clive Barrett says:

    Dear Mr. Saumarez Smith,

    I am writing with regard to (your grandfather?) Charles Raven. I am currently preparing a largely academic book for publication, “Subversive Peacemakers: War-Resistance 1914-1918, an Anglican Perspective”, to be published by James Clarke, Cambridge, later this year. In a later chapter, I also look at Anglican war resistance in the years following 1918, part of which includes a focus on the contribution of Charles Raven – whom I realise was definitely not opposed to the 1914-1918 war at the time. I quote various of his works (I can supply you with details) and am trying to find out which member of the family can give me permission to include these quotations. Would this be you, or a cousin, or someone else?

    Any help you are able to give me with this, please, would be very much appreciated.

    Incidentally – and this is most definitely not the primary reason for this email – you may like to know that I am the Chair of Trustees of the Peace Museum, Bradford (www.peacemuseum.org.uk). If any of the institutions with which you are associated would be interested in an illustrated talk on the opposition to the First World War, including images of artefacts from the Peace Museum collection, I would be very happy to oblige.

    The key thing for me at the moment is obtaining permission for the Charles Raven quotes. If you or any member of the family would be able to help me with this, please, I would be most grateful.

    With very many thanks for your assistance,

    Yours sincerely,

    Clive Barrett

    Clive Barrett, 81 Becketts Park Drive, Leeds, LS6 3PJ Tel: 0113 275 5497. Mobile: 07966 540699 clivebarrett@hotmail.com

    • Dear Mr. Barrett, I am, of course, very interested in your forthcoming publication. My grandfather clearly wasn’t a pacifist in the first world war because he volunteered for active military service and during the last years of the war served as an army chaplain on the western front (see Charles Raven, Letters from the Western Front, ed. John Lipscomb, 2007). You will know more than I do about his role in the pacifist movement during the 1930s, his publication in 1935 of his lectures Is War Obsolete ? and the fact that he was banned from broadcasting during the second world war. On the issue of permissions, if you can send me an email, I can put you in touch with the relevant family members. Charles SS

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