Ilse Crawford

One of the most enjoyable things I have done this week is to attend a dinner to celebrate Ilse Crawford’s MBE. She did it in style, as one might expect, hiring the whole of Cecconi’s and inviting at least half of the beau monde.   I found myself sandwiched between Anya Hindmarch, the loveliest of my Trustees, and Edwin Heathcote, the FT’s architectural correspondent.  We talked about my current preoccupation which is how to get Westminster City Council to upgrade the streetscape round Cecconi’s when Native Land does the work it is required to do on Cork Street.   I can’t think of any neighbourhood which more obviously deserves some careful and well considered upgrading, particularly in advance of the opening of the Crossrail station in Hanover Square.   So, the question is: how do we get the authorities to do this?  Edwin couldn’t tell me.


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