Kunsthal, Rotterdam

Am in Rotterdam for the first time since I came in 1968 as the third player in a school performance of Hamlet.   The Kunsthal is an interesting model:  25 exhibitions a year;  only 23 staff;  fast turnover, including fashion and photography;  a building designed by Rem Koolhaas in an ad hoc style.   Currently showing an exhibition of Shoes involving crowdsourcing (but not crowdsourcing in the selection of the shoes) and a very busy exhibition of 100 objects representing the history of the second world war, packed with schoolchildren and including the marbles which belonged to Anne Frank.   The energy costs and maintenance costs are covered by a long-term contract with a local energy company ENECO (sorry, this is a slightly geeky comment).   Interestingly, they accept no sponsorship from fashion companies for their fashion exhibitions.




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