Regent’s Canal

I’ve just walked to the London Library by way of the Regent’s Canal.   It’s a long time that I’ve done the full stretch from Bow in the east to Regent’s Park in the west.   In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever done it except on a bicycle.   It’s a pleasure to see London from the back view, as from a railway train, past Victoria Park, past Broadway Market, past the Towpath Cafe which was setting up for breakfast and the smarter gardens east of Duncan Terrace, up and over Islington by way of Chapel Street Market and down through some of Islington’s seedier estates to Dixon Jones’s King’s Place, which I’ve never seen from the canal, through the new developments north of King’s Cross, past Nick Grimshaw’s smart aluminium pods at the back of his Camden Town Sainsbury’s and the egg cups which are all that remains of Terry Farrell’s tv-am to the creamy Regency houses on the north side of Regent’s Park which have canal boats moored at the end of their gardens and the brilliant green of the canal-side as it goes through the zoo.   Apart from a brief detour to pich up a map of Piedmont in Daunt’s in Marylebone High Street, it took the best part of three hours, ending with a cappuccino at the Royal Academy.   I recommend it.


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