St. James’s Park (1)

I once got into trouble with my family for saying that my favourite part of the day was walking in the morning across St. James’s Park.   They thought it sad that a grown man should have so few other pleasures.   But I have to confess that I enjoy it still, particularly at this time of year when the air is bright and the shadows long.


I used to always pass a man who I assumed was on his way from Albany to the House of Lords.   There are always small groups of tourists taking photographs and runners.   As I cross the bridge, I remember a description of Ian Nairn looking east across the lake towards Xanadu.


I like to think that the man with the plastic bag is Oliver Letwin disposing of his constituents’ letters



2 thoughts on “St. James’s Park (1)

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    O v amusing re poor oliver leftwing… what on earth happened to him, once so (relatively) sound? I had a long correspondence with him years ago to try and stop his shift battywards but all to no avail… still, compared with willybots haig encouraging civil war in egypt, syria and ukraine now threatening putin again he seems almost intelligent… x e 

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