We spent the morning at Stupinigi, one of the grand hunting lodges of the Kings of Savoy designed by Filippo Juvarra in the vicinity of Turin.   Since it doesn’t have disabled access, we were condemned to explore the outside:



We looked through the windows into the palace:


Then we went to explore the church:


We liked the columns in one of the entrances to the houses by the church:


And the massed chimneypots:


We admired the brickwork apartments built for agricultural labourers:


We ended up having a cup of coffee:



2 thoughts on “Stupinigi

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    U didn’t miss that much (interior-wise) but then I’m not as big a Juvarra fan as some I know… Meanwhile, here’s one i wrote earlier for Torino Britannica convegno but didn’t bother to complete for proceedings, sposed to be in press with CUP, though I have my doubts. Yr blogs v welcome, urbane distractions from completing memoir of G.B. Edwards and The Book of Ebenezer le Page. x e 

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