Baden-Badener Unternehmer Gespräche

The third group I have talked to in the last 48 hours was a group of high-powered Germany industrialists who came to the Royal Academy as an optional part of their programe of study in London.    The group was set up in the early 1950s as part of the angst of post-war Germany about the extent to which industrialists had supported Hitler.   The idea was that young business leaders would meet their counterparts in other countries and discuss moral and ethical issues of common concern.   I was impressed by the way Germany business leaders are often more intellectually oriented than their British counterparts, more like academics, and they asked good questions about the system of training in the Royal Academy Schools, the extent to which we provide any business training (I suspect not much) and what motivates Friends.   They couldn’t quite grasp that the Royal Academy has no system of public funding and never has, apart from its debts being underwritten by George III.


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