Catherine Goodman (17)

For the sake of completeness, I feel that I should record that tonight was the night of the formal opening of Catherine’s exhibition by the Duchess of Cornwall;  and that seeing my portrait now for the third time, it improves each time I see it and I am beginning to think that it might look like me.   I suspect that this may be a standard sitter’s response:  that one gradually adapts to someone else’s image of what one looks like.   Ivor Braka and I swapped anecdotes about the experience of being painted.   I like his portrait.   He’s got a good head of hair.   He said his housemaster at Oundle had let him grow it long and he’s kept it ever since.   The portrait which I didn’t pay attention to last time was the Self-portrait by Catherine herself.   It’s unexpectedly self-glamorising:



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