Wapping Pumping Station

Much as I salute the arrival of a new organic market in Wapping, I can’t help but lament the closure of Wapping Pumping Station, which was opened in 1977 as an arts venue with restaurant attached, called The Wapping Project.   It was an early sign of east end revival, on a lease with a restrictive covenant granted by the London Docklands Development Corporation.   It has now been closed and apparently sold to a property developer.   As Rowan Moore has pointed out in the Observer, it represents a considerable impoverishment of the public realm.   Maybe the market could take it over?





2 thoughts on “Wapping Pumping Station

  1. Duncan MacAskill had a very interesting exhibition here called I think “The Last Post”
    I have part of his “Floor Piece” from the show hanging on my wall.

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