Jerwood Gallery

I finally made it to the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings in spite of having been invited to the opening in 2012 and a series of exhibitions, including some by RAs.   It’s an incredibly well considered set of intimate interior spaces, half public, half domestic, with a great deal of natural daylight, including windows looking out onto the town, oak floors and door surrounds, and the minimum of air conditioning.   It was designed by Hat Projects as their first public project, intelligently thought out and detailed, sitting comfortably amongst the surrounding tar-pitched fishermans’ huts.   By chance, we caught the hang of their forthcoming exhibition, Drawn Together:  Artist as Selector, which consists of drawings by artists who have been involved in the selection of the annual Jerwood Drawing Prize:  a large watercolour sketch by Anthony Green RA, a series of handkerchieves rubbed on tarnished silver by Cornelia Parker RA, and drawings by Lisa Milroy, Tony Bevan, Tim Hyman and Peter de Francia (unusually they indicate on the label if someone is an RA).   Alongside the exhibition space are a series of spaces showing works from the Jerwood’s own collection, a group of works of postwar British art, including David Jones, Prunella Clough and Maggi Hambling.




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