Menai Bridge

Menai Bridge is the middle class stronghold of Anglesey, where I always assume retired Professors from the University of Bangor live and where the Duchess of Cambridge is occasionally spotted shopping in Waitrose.   There’s the noble bridge itself, a monument to Thomas Telford’s engineering skill, connecting Anglesey to the mainland for the first time on 26 April 1825:


The town is going gradually upmarket with a restaurant in the old butcher’s shop and another restaurant, Dylan’s, on the side of the water, where one can sit out on the deck eating shellfish and view the passing boats:


There’s a brand new chocolatier and The Pumpkin Seed Bakery.   Only Evans Bros., the hardware store, is a reminder of Menai Bridge as it was:



2 thoughts on “Menai Bridge

  1. Thank you for these fascinating posts. I spent many (wet) family holidays in North Wales more than 45 years ago. It has certainly changed. My memories, as a child, were of visiting rather too many decrepit Welsh castles, picnics because of lack of restaurants, and the wonderful view over the land to the Menai Bridge. And very cold seas to swim in.

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