We used never to go to the east of the island, regarding it as the land of the caravan.   But, in recent years, we have taken to Moelfre, a small fishing port half way down the west coast with views across Red Wharf Bay towards Llandudno.   It has the added advantage of Ann’s Pantry, a place to have lunch with lamb burgers and corn bread and Snowdonia ale from the Purple Moose brewery in Porthmadog.

This is a view of the harbour:


This is Ann’s Pantry:


These are scenes from a short walk along the coast:




And this is in the village:





2 thoughts on “Moelfre

  1. Bendor says:

    But we demand to see evidence of you swimming on your holiday Charles, like the Prime Minister. Or at least pointing at some fish in a shop.

    • Dear Bendor,

      I liked your piece in the Financial Times. Once upon a time, I might have been amongst those who deplore the use of mobile phones in front of works of art. But I have found that photography helps one to concentrate on the details, to look closely and carefully, and to be able to record those parts of a painting that one wants to record, often to a much higher standard of reproduction than those postcards.

      I only swam once and not in the sea, nor in a wetsuit.


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