For some reasom, my post on Rhosneigr is jinxed. I wrote and it disappeared. I rewrote it and it disappeared again. There is not a huge amount to say.

Rhosneigr is a nice, small, seaside town on the south-west coast, with shops selling surfboards and wetsuits and full of whitewashed 1950s bungalows and later, grander villas, with large cars and boats parked outside. Costa Brava on the Irish Sea.

This was where we had our takeaway picnic:


This was one of the nonconformist church halls:



This was the window of the house next door:


And this was another house that caught my eye:



One thought on “Rhosneigr

  1. A reader says:

    I must say it does not look at all like the Costa Brava: neither architecturally nor geologically – cannot comment on the intangibles off camera!

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