Plas Brondanw

We were driving through the mountains on the instructions of the satnav, when, lo and behold, we found ourselves at the bottom of the little road leading up to Plas Brondanw, where Clough Williams-Ellis lived his long life.   I remember snooping around as a youth, but have quite forgotten seeing it since, so wonderfully situated looking north towards Snowdonia, with pleached hedges and characteristically playful 30s rococo features, all adorned in bright yellow and the estate turquoise blue.

This is his house:


This is the view:


And these are aspects of the garden:






2 thoughts on “Plas Brondanw

  1. Sarah Papineau says:

    Charles, Thanks for these stunning photos of Plas Brondanw and the view. I too had quite forgotten it. I spent a few months between school and university in a cottage, Bryn Derw, just above Plas Brondanw. It belonged to Clough’s daughter, Susan, and Euan Cooper-Willis. Sarah

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