The Gardens at Oare (1)

I like nothing better than our annual tour of the gardens at Oare.   Normally we are there in high summer when the colours are hot and abundant.   In autumn, the leaves in the avenue are already turning and the garden is beginning to close in for winter.

This is the avenue:


I have always admired the immaculate, apple pie order of the toolshed:


Onions and lettuce for dinner:


The garden itself was misty in the evening:



I liked the lushness of the vegetables:



The trimming of the hedges:


And a plant from Taiwan:



2 thoughts on “The Gardens at Oare (1)

  1. robin hambro says:

    Charles, goodness you are busy ! but thank you for your insights. Keifer exhibition was amazing and will inspire legions of artists, but they will find it difficult to recreate any of his genius. Oare IS beautiful and the gardens inspirational and impeccable.Thanks for your thoughts!

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