Colour in Architecture

I’ve been on the jury for most of the day for an award for the use of colour in architecture.   First, we were shown a project in Lund in Sweden where colour is used to enliven a pedestrian bridge across the main railway line.   Then, two bank projects from the southern hemisphere – the new National Australia Bank headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and the new ASB headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand – both of which use colour inventively to break down corporate uniformity.   Peter Cook (in bright floral shirt) did a presentation on a new university building which he and his partner, Gavin Rowbotham, have done for the University of Vienna which uses intense colour throughout from the brightest orange to brilliant yellow.   A young Vietnamese practice then showed a more temporary community project which uses colour in fabric.   We ended with a large multi-generational private house in Kuala Lumpur and a repurposed factory on the outskirts of Adelaide.   Luckily, the decision of the judges was totally straightforward.   We all agreed that only Peter Cook’s law faculty building used colour with total conviction, making colour integral to the conception of the project rather than applied to it.   It was unanimous.


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