Dennis Hopper (2)

I’ve just been to a most unusual and surprising fundraising event, which consisted not at all of asking for money, but instead an evening of meditation and poetry round the photographs of Dennis Hopper.   Brett Rogers, the Director of the Photographers’ Gallery, spoke around the theme of loss and rediscovery, the ways in which contemporary culture is interested in the forgotten archive, the box of negatives left in a Chicago lock-up, the fascination with the fact that Hopper’s photographs are as he left them.   Peter Aspden of the Financial Times talked about the contrast between New York of the 1960s, the dominant culture of the period, and Los Angeles, more laid back and hippy, the culture of Pacific time.   And then Jean Wainwright talked about the encounter of Warhol and Hopper.   What struck me is how close and yet how remote Hopper’s world is, fifty years on.


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