I had promised to join a group of the RA’s patrons on a tour of Charleston, so found myself on an early train to Lewes and arriving at the house as I seldom see it, empty of tourists and in the autumn sun.   I had never previously noticed that they have a version of the London tube map showing the interelationships of its various residents, who slept with who, who was in love with who, and who fathered who.   It is surprising having seen this map to discover how narrow the beds are, but they apparently spent a lot of time up on the downs:




One thought on “Charleston

  1. Andrew Stewart-Roberts says:

    Once upon a time you and I met by chance on such a train just after you had appointed Penny Johnson to her current post. Hope you will announce your visit to the county next time and call on us as well (though as we have just returned from a Swan cruise we were probably away at the time!)

    With best wishes


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