Fame and Friendship

I finally made it to the small exhibition Fame and Friendship:  Pope, Roubiliac and the Portrait Bust which was first shown at the Yale Center for British Art and then upstairs at Waddesdon for most of the summer.   It is based round the fact that Jacob Rothschild bought a bust of Pope which is the pair to a bust of Newton, both of them thought to have been commissioned by Lord Poulett when he bought Pope’s villa at Twickenham.   Together they commemorate the ways in which Pope spread Newton’s fame.   Malcolm Baker, the curator, has assembled related busts, including the terracotta by Roubiliac, to show the ways in which images of the hunchback poet (he had Pott’s disease) were created and disseminated round the country houses of England.

This is Rysbrack’s bust of Pope, done as a pair to a bust of Gibbs:


This is Lord Poulett’s (now Lord Rothschild’s) version:


And this is the bust of Newton:



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