Gillian Naylor (3)

I have just been to Gillian Naylor’s memorial event in the Lecture Theatre of the RCA in which her former students and friends reminisced about her influence.   Her first book was on the Bauhaus, published in 1968 to coincide with an exhibition at the Royal Academy.   Why, I wondered, was the Royal Academy, then universally regarded as a bastion of traditionalism, celebrating its bicentenary with an exhibition on the Bauhaus ?  Most people remembered Gillian, as do I, most vividly on foreign study trips:  1986 and 1987 to Prague, to the Museum of Applied Arts with Milena Lamarová;  1988 to East Berlin with Jeremy Aynsley;  1989 to Stockholm (at least that’s my memory).   Gillian looked seraphic surrounded by monuments of national romanticism.


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