H.W. Pickersgill

One of the artists who has a walk-on part on Mr. Turner is Henry William Pickersgill, a dutiful and diligent portrait painter, who was adopted by a Spitalfields weaver, trained at the RA Schools, was respected by Constable, and had ‘a clever wife, who manages all matters for him’.   Admired for his sober likenesses, much employed by Oxbridge colleges, he painted the Victorian meritocracy, was an RA for fifty years, ended up as its librarian, and is now pretty wholly forgotten.


One thought on “H.W. Pickersgill

  1. Edward Chaney says:

    I spose you know his nephew, Frederick Richard Pickersgill (born 1820), also became an RA… Abbott and Holder had a nice cache of his sketches not so long ago; may still have some… He ended up on the Isle of Wight, dying there in 1900… Re Mike Leigh by the way, I much preferred Topsy Turvy to Timothy Turner…. ?


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