St. James’s, Piccadilly

Whilst waiting for Hatchard’s to open one day last week, I wandered in to St. James’s, Piccadilly, which I pass so often, but scarcely go into except for memorial services.   I know from Lucy Winkett, its wonderful Rector (and chaplain to the RA), that the PCC are grappling, and have been for a long time, how to restore it:



I was pleased to have a chance to look more closely at the astonishing limewood reredos by Grinling Gibbons:






I also had a good look at the system of pew lighting which was installed by Sir Albert Richardson PRA after bomb damage in the war:



Rather charmingly, they allow people to sleep in the pews:



2 thoughts on “St. James’s, Piccadilly

  1. Andrew Stewart-Roberts says:

    Dear Charles

    I read the above with great interest, not least because of its reference to Lucy Winkett, who won’t remember me but whom I got to know and admire at St Paul’s when I was on the PCC of St Mary Le Bow in the eighties or nineties. At that time there was a strongly anti-woman Canon at the Cathedral whom she handled with great skill to general admiration. I have long felt that she is a likely candidate for preferment when the opening of the Bishops’ ranks finally takes place.

    We continue to enjoy greatly your “posts”.


    Sent from my iPad


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