Regent House

On the occasions when I travel to Oxford Circus (it’s marginally quicker), my eye is often caught by the mosaics above the Apple Store on Regent Street:  PARIS NEW YORK ST. PETERSBURG BERLIN.   It gives me a momentary twinge of disappointment that I’m not standing on a platform at Waterloo or the Gare du Nord.   I have often wondered what the building used to be.   The answer is not that it was the headquarters of Thomas Cook, but instead advertised the work of Dr. Antonio Salviati, a Venetian mosaicist who restored the mosaics of St. Mark’s and went on to work on the Albert Memorial and St. Paul’s.   The cities listed above the windows were the cities where the Compagni Salviati had shops:




The building itself was the work of G.D. Martin, a grand confection by an architect who also designed flats in Kensington Square and the Harrogate Hotel:



One thought on “Regent House

  1. Cindy polemis says:

    Thank you for enlightening me…I always stop to look at these as I go from Oxfordstreet tube down to Beak Street…it makes the madness of the crowds much more bearable.

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