The Unshrinkables

I sadly missed the parade of the so-called Unshrinkables in the courtyard on Monday.   They were a group of volunteers who, in an outbreak of patriotism, joined a volunteer force in August 1914, many of them members of the Chelsea Arts Club, who paraded in its garden wearing white woolly jerseys (‘unshrinkable’) and carrying broomsticks.   In October 1914, they moved their parades to the courtyard of the Royal Academy, where they were also given the use of some of the galleries and the refreshment room as a mess.   At the weekend they went to Taplow Court, the home of Lord Desborough, to practice digging trenches.   Today, I was presented with a replica of their badge, known as ‘the duck and skewer’, designed by Solomon Solomon RA:



2 thoughts on “The Unshrinkables

  1. Avon Priestley says:

    Thank you for permission to parade at the RA on Nov 9th 2014.I was honored.Best Bertie the Border Terrier the adopted mascot of The United Artists Rifles Regiment.”The UNshrinkables”.

  2. jacqui Holder says:

    I had not heard of the Unshrinkables but was very pleased to see them today and have a chat. Another bit of history under my belt.
    Jacqui Holder 10.11.16

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